Rahul Gandhi on the campaign trail 2019. Photo Rahul Gandhi official website.

Grand Alliance changes India election equation

Modi will have an uphill task returning as prime minister. For the first time, Rahul Gandhi has a decent chance, as he is increasingly being seen as a leader by voters. The Grand Alliance is the kingmaker, and may throw up a prime ministerial candidate of its own. The election games have begun.

Foto: Sumair Ali Khan

Blasphemy Law Pakistan is threatening against Secularism:

Blasphemy law Pakistan have been used to persecute minority faiths, unfaith and unfairly target minorities. It carry a potential death sentence for anyone who insults Islam. A large majority of Pakistani people support the idea that blasphemers should be punished.

Protesting for political freedom outside the Supreme Court in Malé. Foto: Dying Regime via Flickr, CC BY

Maldives crisis: a bitter religious divide comes to the fore

The Maldives is a tourist paradise. The island chain of 26 atolls attracts more than 1.5m visitors every year. But alongside the clear blue waters and perfect beaches, this is a country riven with deep political and religious conflicts. And now those conflicts are reaching boiling point.

Queue outside aahar registration center. Foto Rohit Bhatia

Big Brother meets big data

Called the World’s largest biometric system, the Aadhaar card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDIA), is supposed to map the biometric information of India’s 1.3 billion citizens. The Government of India expects every Indian to have an Aadhaar card, and the process of collecting the data is underway.


Tidskriften Sydasien rapporterar om Indien, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan och Maldiverna. Sedan 1977 följer Sydasiens nätverk av skribenter och fotografer det som sker i regionen. Vårt gemensamma mål är att erbjuda kryddstarkt innehåll och bidra till fördjupade kunskaper.


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